Be A Source For Reporters And Bloggers: We Help Your Business Life, So You Have More Time For Your Personal Life

Anzhela Kalsynova
3 min readFeb 5, 2021

Engage with your audience, in a more personal way, and bring them back time and time again. We have the sources that have the experience to help you, the article writer, do just that. The better your articles, the more your audience will trust your blog and look to your site for guidance.

Here Are Some Ways We Can Help

Amusing information that entertains your audience will keep them engaged in your article or project. It is up to you to find what entertains your audience and it is up to Be A Source to find those sources for you. You can straight out ask our sources to respond on how they would deal with a situation. You can then write an article on why that response would or would not work well.

Place an ad on Friday before noon. On Monday we send out a fun little email with the password to the ads page. Sources will start responding to your ad. All you must do it sit back and let the information come to you. The following Monday, gather your information and write your article. It is that simple and that easy.

We want you to connect with others to collaborate on projects to free up some of your time so you have a personal life. Doing everything yourself when blogging is very time consuming.

We ask if our sources have a degree because you might want a professional’s understanding of your article subject. We also have everyday sources that have experienced the content you are writing about, so you can get personal experiences on how the source dealt with the situation. You can also get some techniques and tips that they used to improve their situation to pass on to readers. User-generated content establishes trust among your readers. Consumers are not going to take your word for it, they want some professionals and others who have been there and walked through the pain they are experiencing.

Different Kinds Of Content You Can Create

Pay attention to the visual content that you use in your articles. A nice picture says a thousand words, but if the picture helps the reader make your content more understandable the picture is work a million words. You can also have sources respond to an ad and send a photo to use.

Consumers do not want to read all the time and people learn differently. Your consumer might just learn better by watching, so a video will keep them engaged in your content. Your sources can send you videos to help with your project.

Bloggers Who Are Goals Focused, Strategic In Planning And Acting Are More Effective

When you blog with a goal in mind, you are more likely to reach the consumer you are looking for.

When bloggers act by looking to see where they can share their content with others and other outlets, they are more effective. When you use a source and write an article, you send that source a link. They will share your article or project with their friends on other media sites.

It is a challenge creating engaging content by doing in-depth research that takes hours, but bloggers do not understand repurposing those contents by spinning the article to make a new article or making visual content from the information.

Take the frustration out of finishing projects by handing your deadlines over to expert freelancers. Send them the sources information from the ad you placed with us. Give yourself permission to do this so you can have some free time.

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Anzhela Kalsynova

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